Prosecutors slam Anna and Michelle Duggar for begging judge to have mercy on Josh Duggar for sentencing;  Say Josh always blames others for his crimes

Prosecutors slam Anna and Michelle Duggar for begging judge to have mercy on Josh Duggar for sentencing; Say Josh always blames others for his crimes

“See? I Told you two, bribing the judge with a pot of tater-tot would have been a better move.

The accusation in Josh DugarJosh’s lawsuit this week responded to letters of support written by Josh’s wife, mother and others, while criticizing the former CCM asking the star to only serve five years in prison for his crimes of receiving and possessing child pornography (CSAM).

Like The Ashley Previously reported, Anna Dugar and michelle dugger (and others) have recently written letters to judge Timothy L. Brooks– – who will sentence Josh next week – begging him to show mercy to Josh by handing the 34-year-old a five-year prison sentence – the shortest sentence allowed by law.

“Joshy Girl needs her man at home, y’all!”

While Josh asks to serve the minimum sentence behind bars, the prosecution demands that he receive the maximum sentence of 20 years. The prosecution responded to the five-year-old request this week, criticizing those who wrote letters on Josh’s behalf, while arguing many of the claims made in the letters.

“He claims the writers are ‘extremely supportive while being fully aware of his condemnation.[s]’, and that it will ‘enable him to make the most of the rest of his life and work hard to ensure that his children’s lives are impacted as little as possible’ by his CSAM trafficking,” court documents obtained by The sun Lily.

As for Josh (and his followers) blaming his actions on ‘challenges’ associated with the Duggar family 19 children and counting fame, the prosecution believes the allegations “only underscore the relevance of the government’s conviction recommendation.”

“Indeed, his supportive family and his privileged and open to the public lifestyle make his criminal behavior all the more disconcerting.

“Baffling? I don’t remember learning that word in Duggar High School Dining Room…”

“Although he achieved a certain level of fame through reality TV as an adult, he is best known at this point for his behavior outside of his family’s show, including his sexual improprieties and his criminal sexual behavior,” the prosecution added.

Another point raised in the documents was that, in their letters, other acquaintances of Anna, Michelle and Josh do not actually mention what Josh was convicted of – or the fact that he has a history of sexual interest in other people. very young women. Prosecutors argued that none of the Duggars’ letters “meaningfully address” Josh’s crimes, or his “sexual inclinations toward prepubescent girls.”

The prosecution argues that it is unlikely Josh will ever get the treatment and accountability needed to prevent him from reoffending.

“In fact, given the apparent success of his blame tactic with some of the people he intends to surround himself with after his release from incarceration, it’s not just unlikely, it’s inconceivable.” , the documents claim.

Michelle, mistakenly thinking this statement refers to infertility.

The accusation did acknowledging that Josh’s time in prison “will undoubtedly impact his immediate and extended family”; however, they note that it is unfortunately something that happens in many criminal cases, and that it’s not something that’s unique to Josh and his clan.

“…particularly in cases like this, where Duggar appears to have concealed his reprehensible conduct from those close to him until his sentencing.”


The same day the prosecution filed its document, the defense filed its own, formally responding to the government’s recommendation for conviction. According to KNWA/KFTAthe deposition–- signed by the defense attorney Justin Gelfand— noted a “complete lack of support” for Josh’s request for the maximum sentence allowed by law, arguing the lack of cases in which a similarly situated defendant was sentenced to 20 years in prison for been a victim of CSAM.

The defense called the sentence suggested by the prosecution “excessive, totally unjustified and unprecedented in view of the alleged crime”.

The defense also claims government documents detailed some of the CSAMs downloaded onto Josh’s computer, alleging it was “clearly intended to provoke an emotional reaction in the hope that this court will impose an unnecessarily harsh sentence in this case”.

Instead, the defense argues that the court should focus on what the evidence in the case “really revealed, even in the light most favorable to the government for sentencing purposes.”

The defense stood by its claim that much of the illegal material was “never on the computer” or “never viewed by a user of the computer”. Documents also said the court should avoid sentencing disparities, pointing to an individual in another case who received a 75-month sentence for receiving more than 20,000 images from CSAM.

“Was he wrongly convicted like you, Joshy?”

Josh’s ‘pattern of activity’ cited by the government was also discussed, with the defense noting that Josh never appeared before a judge and was not convicted of any crime as a minor – referring to allegations that Josh molested five minors (including four of his little sisters) when he was a teenager.

Josh’s sentencing is scheduled for May 25.

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