The Callisto Protocol is set to be released in 2022 (Images via Krafton, EA)

With budget and ambition, The Callisto Protocol will aim to recreate the success of Dead Space

The Callisto Protocol will be a future entrant into a genre in which the Dead Space Trilogy is considered the Holy Grail. The former is an upcoming game with big ambitions if its developers are to be believed.

There will be no shortage of funding or expertise as the title is backed by none other than Krafton. The publisher is already known for its work with PUBG, and fan expectations will also be high.

However, emulating a game like Dead Space won’t be easy, as games have set a standard.

EA’s sci-fi horror survival games are known for their execution and a perfect blend of action and freight. Trapped among alien monsters, players must survive first and kill later as all three titles have created a cult following.

Given the similar genre, the Callisto Protocol will naturally draw inspiration from it. If Krafton is believed, it will be a AAAA project, which indicates the degree of confidence in the project.

Callisto Protocol will seek to do what Dead Space has done in the past

Several titles belong to the horror genre, with shooting elements. Over the years, Dead Space has carved out a space for itself based entirely on how it can mix the different genres.

As users made their way through the aliens, there was always tension about something sinister awaiting them.

In comparison, very little is known about the Callisto protocol, and so far the news comes from Krafton’s quarterly reports. The company’s ambitious project is due out in 2022 and, interestingly, it’s expected to be a quad A (AAAA) version.

Usually, AAA is used to indicate big budget games backed by the money and technology required. AAAA is a new term, but it all highlights the ambition of the developers.

The goal will be to ensure Callisto Protocol delivers the highest levels of horror and action. This dual purpose makes it somewhat comparable to the Dead Space games.

As for the action, Krafton will be looking to bring his PUBG experience if there are shooter elements in the final game.

More information should become available in the coming months, especially if the developers want to release it in 2022. Summer Games Fest could be one of the biggest events where it could feature.

When it comes to ambition, fans are hoping it can indeed match the greatness of Dead Space. Despite their excellence, all three games have aged considerably, but there haven’t been many notable additions lately.

Another area that could be a big plus for Krafton’s title will be its release time.

Unlike EA’s release, The Callisto Project will likely come with next-gen enabled, which could add some new flavors missing from previous games. Fans are certainly hoping to get another big title in their hands.

At the moment, the only option is to wait for the next developer update.

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