Naughty Dog may no longer be releasing The Last of Us Factions

Naughty Dog may no longer be releasing The Last of Us Factions

“I don’t think any game called Factions will ever come out,” is what Jeff Grubb had to say on this week’s episode of Games Beat Decide.

It sure looks like the next few years will be big for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us franchise.

Grubb’s response comes after he was asked if the long-talked-about standalone game Factions is coming to PC. Grubb explained that even if the TLOU shoot isn’t coming out, or at least isn’t titled Factions, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Grubb went on to explain that Naughty Dog was “going beyond its original small ambitions into something more”, but chose not to go into further detail as it was “as much as it was allowed to do”. say”.

Things certainly took a heck of a turn for the proposed multiplayer component for The Last of Us 2, but we guessed we should have expected that. Naughty Dog has been through a lot in recent years, especially following the bad press the studio received for The Last of Us 2. Not to mention, Naughty Dog acknowledged that it will not exit multiplayer mode for the 2021 title, unlike its predecessor.

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Naughty Dog may no longer be releasing The Last of Us Factions

At the time, all Naughty Dog had to say was that “TLOU Part 2 will not include an online mode”, adding that “the team’s vision has grown beyond an additional mode “, which seems to echo what Grubb just said.

What’s particularly interesting about all things The Last of Us is that we haven’t heard anything from Naughty Dog or Sony about it. You would think that either company would have had something to say about it, but that is not the case. However, there have been several sightings, such as the hat Neil Druckmann was wearing, as well as rumors and reports, such as last year’s Bloomberg report.

With so many different sources all saying the exact same thing, Sony and Naughty Dog are definitely up to something.

It also doesn’t help that a Naughty Dog employee “revealed” two projects in development at the studio that look a lot like The Last of Us remake and the series’ standalone multiplayer game.

If nothing else, all that rumbling about The Last of Us helps keep the franchise at the top of everyone’s mind. The best-selling PlayStation franchise is about to go from one of the biggest games in history to a TV show. The verdict is still out on whether the live-action adaptation can match the ambition and scale of the source material, but it’s certainly not for lack of effort.

When we last heard of HBO’s The Last of Us, the studio was leveraging its $10 million per episode budget by recreating scenes from the video games and more.

It’s still pretty cruel to keep players waiting years for a mode it originally promised to release even though it ends up exceeding expectations.

Given Grubb’s confidence that The Last of Us Remake could launch later this year, possibly before the show premieres in 2023, it’s only a matter of time before Sony and Naughty Dog does present news confirming all of these speculations.

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