Will Tom Holland return as Spider-Man?  Sony hopes so

Will Tom Holland return as Spider-Man? Sony hopes so

The three Spider-Men (Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire) smile together.

Tom Holland will smile all the way to the bank if there’s a new Spider-Man.
Screenshot: YouTube/Sony Pictures

When a film grows $2 billion at the box office, especially in the midst of a global pandemic, a sequel should be almost inevitable. However, this is not quite the case with Spider-Man: No Coming Home. Even though the film was by far the biggest hit of recent years and obviously the studio would love to do a sequel, there are big questions about how or when it could all come together.

In an interview with Deadline, Sony President Tom Rothman answered the question. Speaking of the studio’s big franchise IPs, he said, “We hope to work on the next Spider Man movie.” When he asked if that meant director Jon Watts and stars Tom Holland and Zendaya would return, he said, “This whole band, we hope so.”

The key word in these quotes, so important that he used it twice, is “hop. “Hope” is what an executive has when they’ve just made a huge hit but can’t just greenlight a sequel immediately. And there are several reasons for this. Above all, it’s about bringing everyone together. It’s a complex equation that involves contracts, money, schedules, and the needs of two studios, as Marvel Studios also has a say in what happens with these characters.

Another, no doubt biggest part of the equation is story-worthy. After the craft such a beautiful ending to this Spider-Man story, no one is involved in Spider-Man: No Coming Home would like to taint this just for pay. Rothman says it best in the same interview. “I know that goes against the outside perception of Hollywood, but I find that if talent rightly cares about money, that’s not the primary motivation,” he says. “They care more about their jobs and doing something that matters and lasts.” Giving everyone enough money to come back won’t be a problem. It’s having something worth coming back for.

The opportunity is there, however. No coming home, of course, ends with Peter Parker continuing his work as Spider-Man on a smaller, more anonymous basis now that no one in the world knows who Peter Parker is. This includes MJ, so try to win find the love of his life while fighting a new enemy seems inevitable. Or, at least, we “hope”. And that someone with the power to hope so too is very encouraging.

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