Referees and Linesmen in Today's NHL Playoffs - 5/20/22

Referees and Linesmen in Today’s NHL Playoffs – 5/20/22

Sudsy and Mac are back for their second game together this playoffs, having officiated the Leafs/Panthers opener, which saw 22 PIMs and 9 power plays.

Kelly Sutherland skated with Jake Brenk in Round 1, working STL/MIN Game 1, LAK/EDM Game 2, COL/NSH Game 3, NYR / PIT Game 4 (NYR L 2-7)and TOR/TBL Game 6. He also worked PIT/NYR Game 7 (NYR W 4-3) with Gord Dwyer.

Jon McIsaac was paired with Eric Furlatt for WSH/FLA Game 1, PIT/NYR Match 2 (NYR W 5-2)Game CGY/DAL 3, and BOS/CAR Match 5 (CAR F 5-1).

Sutherland and McIsaac combined are averaging 21.6 PIM/game, dishing out 7.2 power plays per game. Under McIsaac, home teams get 56% power play, the third most among officials working in the second round.

Official pending: Chris Rooney (#5)
Series Supervisor: Paul Devorsky

Kozari and Lee are reunited tonight; the pair worked Game 7 between the Bruins and Hurricanes and the Blues/Avalanche Game 1 in Round 2, which only saw four penalties called. It’s the first time either official has seen the Calgary Flames in the playoffs.

Steve Kozari worked the first round with Kyle Rehman, taking the ice for LAK/EDM Game 1 (EDM L 3-4)Game 2 NSH/COL, Game 3 NYR/PIT, Game 4 FLA/WSH and Game 6 MIN/STL.

Chris Lee managed PIT/NYR Game 1, TOR/TBL Game 3, CAR/BOS Game 4, EDM/LAK 6 Set (EDM W 4-2)all with referee Frederick L’Ecuyer.

Kozari and Lee combined are averaging 17.5 PIM/game, dishing out 7.5 power plays per game. Lee has taken the fewest penalties in the playoffs, averaging 16 PIMs in games he has worked. Both are handing out more power plays to the home team, with Kozari (0.7 more per game) and Lee (0.8 more per game). The home teams get 54.9% power play under Kozari and Lee.

Linesmen Brad Kovachik and Devin Berg come back from the first game of this series.

Official pending: Gord Dwyer (#19)
Series Supervisor: Don Van Massenhoven

Here’s who’s working in Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs:

NHL referees and linesmen for the second round of the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs

How are referees and linesmen paid in the playoffs? Pretty good, actually:

How much do NHL referees get paid in the playoffs?

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