Gigabyte Aorus Project Stealth hides all cables from a show PC - Global Circulate

Gigabyte Aorus Project Stealth hides all cables from a show PC – Global Circulate

As fun as it can be to put together a new gaming PC, the inevitable mess of wires can be a huge hassle to deal with. Besides that, there are many stylish designs for motherboards, graphics cards, cases, and other components. Complicate that with a messy web of wires, and your beautiful build may look a whole lot less satisfying. Recognizing the interest in ultra-clean PC builds, Gigabyte’s Aorus gaming division has come up with a completely custom solution called Project Stealth.

The principle is quite simple. Gigabyte designed a custom Z690 ATX motherboard with all of its connections located on the back. When paired with the corresponding enclosure, all of these connections are easily accessible through access openings. With this, you can effectively confine all your cables to the routing compartment of the case. This also includes the power connectors for the Aorus RTX 3070 Stealth graphics card which is part of the whole effort.

You get a system with unbeatable cable management. This is further shown via the tempered glass side panel. Gigabyte has also included a subtle mix of RGB accents on the various components to shine and give your machine a mean look.

The price of customized solutions

Of course, no custom solution for a complete system is without drawbacks. While this case offers great benefits, it limits interested buyers to buying only Gigabyte parts to achieve the goal of a clean look. It also means users like what Gigabyte has designed better, as the obstructed front panel means airflow will be restricted. Other than that, it seems like a decent solution for mid-range systems where heat management doesn’t need to get too crazy.

There are still other things we don’t know, such as how easily these Gigabyte components will integrate with different brands, how the performance will measure up, and the price. Others will no doubt want to know if there will be more Stealth graphics card options outside of the RTX 3070. Still, Gigabyte Aorus Project Stealth presents an attractive option for anyone in the market for a new gaming PC, especially if clean aesthetics are a priority. . You can read more about it on Gigabyte’s website or possibly get a pre-built via PC builder MainGear’s website.

If you like to see the most unique things hardware manufacturers do, you can also check out Razer’s Project Sophia, which is a gaming desktop that’s also a high-tech gaming PC with built-in touchscreens. Whether this concept will develop into a real series of products like Gigabyte Aorus Project Stealth is another matter.


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